Thomas Vogt

Down the road I`ll go

Quelqu'un m'a dit

There's nothing I wouldn't do

She likes wearin' lipstick

Get to the office, tryin' to concentrate

some kind of mermaid

Looking so bereaved and so bereft

So tell me what i see

That woman's got no clothes on

Watch it pour

why are you so shy?

Adele - Someone like you


self appointed angels


I forget your name

I won't sleep

And if I only could

Inspiration: Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill

you're beautiful, that's for sure

inspiration: Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird

miles between us

Looking In

Soundtrack: Bruce Springsteen - Outside Lookin' In


Y t

just floating

Pink - I'm not dead

I wanna lie in bed all day

Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known

like I'm a princess

Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet

She's got legs

The road is long

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Can you make it feel like home

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

When I look in your eyes

Bruce Springsteen - Brilliant Disguise

It's so beautiful

Katzenjammer - Tea with Cinnamon

Du siehst aus als solltest du schlafen

Thees Uhlmann - Das Mädchen von Kasse 2

coffee mug

It's just a thought

Dido - Life for rent

Giving up your heart

Adele - One and Only

I'm gonna close my eyes

Tina Dico - Count to ten

Quelqu'un ma dit

Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un ma dit

treat me like a stranger

in the early hours

I don't hear a word

Stars fading

What would you do

pretty woman


Get to the office, ...

... tryin' to concentrate

Katie Melua - Crawling Up A Hill

Studio-Work with Jenni

It's drawing me in

Caro Emerald - Just One Dance

I couldn't help it

Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet


Kate Bush - Breathing


the tie


A worrisome thing

Katie Melua - Blues In The Night

Good Morning


blue eyes

walked into the room

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

I pray every single day for a revolution

4 Non Blondes - What's up Angelina

suicide of the heart

Runrig - Every River

vor der Kamera

da zeigt sie was sie kann

Das Modell

I can't lie no more

Alex Clare - Too Close Alisa

She is a stranger

Adele - Rumor Has It

soul shaking

En Vogue - Don't Let Go

Waited for your call

little numbers - boy Olga

the scarf

Our memories of lazy days

Katie Melua – Piece By Piece

that kind of life

I'm under your spell

Duffy - mercy Olga

Good Morning ;-)

We're not just making promises

Katzenjammer - Land of Confusion Ari

In the picture

Gossip - Perfect World

But she wears it well

traces of her

Marit Larsen - Under The Surface

Ten wild horses couldn't drag me away

Mandy Capristo - Hurricane

I’m not guilty

Duffy – Well Well Well

I ain't here on business

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Rosalita

She, she ain't real

Adele - Rumor Has It

blue eyes

I awoke from a quite night

Bruce Springsteen - Death to my hometown

My nerves all jumpin

Bruce Springsteen - Fire

* * *

As the radio plays

With my hand on my heart

Amy Macdonald - Pride

I don’t care for traffic lights - reload

about the birds and the bees

Of Monsters And Men – Dirty Paws

Where we are

Of Monsters and Men - Lakehouse

I'm feeling alive

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness


life in a beautiful light

Amy MacDonald - Life In A Beautiful Light


by my heavenly side

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

scenes of unimportance

Genesis - Home By The Sea

look inside yourself

Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within

I Can't stop shakin'

Caro Emerald – Back It Up

Is there anybody out there

Shakespears Sister - Hello

well I'm sure

Billy Joel - Pianoman

Yesterday don't matter

Rolling Stones-Ruby Tuesday


I don't want to move a thing

Dido - Here With Me

blue eyes

The stories I could tell


My hands, they were strong

leave me breathless

old style

free to be me

Deep Purple - Black Night

with nothing but a shadow

Of Monsters And Men - Mountain Sound

Who knew

Amy Macdonald – Slow It Down

the sun always shines

Amy Macdonald- Life In A Beautiful Light Angelina

You bet your life

Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl

no matter how far

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

hoping they're right

Mandy Capristo - Hurricane

in the morning skies

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

still remember that day

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

when you get lonely

Eric Clapton - Layla

Can you handle this?

Destiny's Child-Bootylicious



To trade in these wings

Bruce Springsteen and Melissa Etheridge - Thunder Road

just to reach you

Melissa Etheridge – Come to my window

How do we sleep

Midnight Oil - Beds are burning

given up your heart

Adele - One and Only

only a thought

Dido – Life For Rent

Everything and no less

Adele - Take It All

I saw you once


She is a stranger

Adele - Rumour has it

see you again

Reach out

just like Marie Antoinette

Queen - Killer Queen

never true

I can see it on your face


Doro Pesch - Engel

Nobody knows it better

Je me suis trouvé seul

Rosenstolz - Soi mon dieu

I don't know how it happened

Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick

Tried my best

Adele - Take It All

cultural background

autumn portrait

the coat

Es war nur 5 Grad

Thees Uhlmann - Paris im Herbst Zwar nicht Paris, sondern Bayreuth. Die Temperatur könnte hinkommen


the light of the day

Meat Loaf - For Crying Out Loud

what's the matter with you

Gary Moore - Oh pretty woman

nobody's waiting

Eric Clapton - Layla

'neath your covers

I don't need to explain

she's got it all

Adele - Rumor Has It

Give me a minute

Pink - Beam Me Up

Where there is desire

Pink - try

silent glance

You stole my heart

Softer than satin

Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet

It's in the stars

puppets on strings

Katzenjammer - Lady Marlene


I know that they're wrong

Mandy Capristo - Hurricane

Look at me standing here

black - wonderful life

Telling Me No Lies

miles between us

Adele - I'll Be Waiting

das Gefühl geteilt zu sein

Rosenstolz - Der Moment

Cause the passion and the pain

Pink - The Great Escape

Maybe I agree

Eric Clapton - Lonely stranger

she wants to be sure

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

I will go down with this ship

DIDO -- White Flag

with every touch

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason

look inside yourself

Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within

why are you so shy?

Adele - Someone Like You

blue eyes

Where the sun shines

Runrig - Loch Lomond

just stare

Pink - Beam Me Up

I'll never know

see my face

Adele - someone like you

even when you don't see me

Dido - No Freedom

that side of town

stay here

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

As the sun goes down

Lena - neon

I've heard some rumors

P!NK - How Come You're Not Here

is this just fantasy

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

One look

Alice Cooper - Poison


Juste pour me souvenir

look inside

Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within

Helmut N

with all her charms

Bruce Springsteen - Jersey Girl


Just a second

P!nk - Just Give Me a Reason



I hear the birds on the summer breeze

Lana del Rey - ride

just when it feels right

melissa etheridge - like the way i do



Carla Bruni - L´amour


Johnny Cash - One

au fond de la mer

Nolwenn Leroy - Davy Jones

play it cool

Gossip - Heavy Cross

In a parallel universe

Pink - Beam Me Up



In the Morning

Norah Jones- In The Morning


Le ciel dans une chambre

Carla Bruni - Le ciel dans une chambre

looking out

I'm only lonely

Melissa Etheridge -- Occasionally

I feel it in the air

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

How can anyone feel so blue

Katie Melua - The Closest Thing To Crazy


keeps me alive

Juste un peu de buée

Nolwenn Leroy - Juste pour me souvenir

einfach fabelhaft

Rammstein: Das Model

how I'm gonna survive

Melissa Etheridge - Bring Me Some Water

All my passion

Caro Emerald - Paris


Eve #2


I will stand alone

Caro Emerald - Paris



love was blind

Lana Del Rey - Lucky Ones

See you in my dreams

The Corrs - Only When I Sleep Lyrics



Lonely stranger

Eric Clapton - Lonely stranger

pearl necklace

ZZ Top - Pearl Necklace

Jessy #2


out of the blue

Adele - Someone Like You

Eve #4

that certain something

Aerosmith - Cryin'

She knows whats goin on

Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl



when the edges are rough

Pink - The Great Escape

Und ich male deine Schatten an jede Wand

SELIG - Ohne dich

that kind of lady

Gary Moore - that kind of woman


Watch the flames burn

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire

Mach mich satt und mach mich müde

Silly - Leg mich fest

Keep breathing

kate bush - breathing


Dance With Somebody



hot shoulder

Nici with pearls

smoking hot

silver necklace


Diana #2

to believe in magic

Runrig - Every River

I want to hold you

Alice Cooper - Poison


Made in the shade

AC/DC - she likes rock n roll

Shadow on the wall


We got too close

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire

Bubble Gum

Ain't I hot enough?

Bette Middler - Beast of burden

Like reflections in a lake

Katie Melua - When You Taught Me How To Dance


because it burns

Pink - Try

Je remue le ciel le jour, la nuit

Indila - Dernière Danse

All the mistakes we made

Freddie Mercury - In My Defence

Pearls and lace

Looking for a savior

Tori Amos - Crucify

calling Elvis

Dire Straits - calling Elvis

telling old stories

Amy Macdonald - Caledonia


Like the sun coming out

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting


skies are black and blue

The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm

Used to be so easy

Gary Moore - Still got the blues

I see fire

Ed Sheeran - I see fire


red hair on blue velvet

you just want to close your eyes

Bruce Springsteen – No Surrender

Why do we fall in love so easy?

Pink - Try

Angel without blue jeans

I got a bad desire

Bruce Springsteen - I'm on fire


Roy Orbison singing for the lonely

Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road

Je veux d'l'amour

Zaz - Je Veux Bernadette

Did you fly in on a jet?

Caro Emerald - Excuse my french

waitin on a sunny day

bruce springsteen - waitin on a sunny day


Tore me apart

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Don't care about hair

Any MacDonald - This pretty face

What's it gonna be

En Vogue-Don't Let Go

On dit que le destin se moque bien de nous

Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un ma dit


Je danse avec le vent

Indila - Dernière danse

Dein Herz ist im Wandel

Yvonne Catterfeld - Pendel

All deine Farben

Sarah Connor - Wie schön du bist

Deep in the forest of my night

Katie Melua - Tiger In The Night

Maybe I agree

Eric Clapton - Lonely Stranger

Bubble gum

Learning to fly

Beautiful Sanctum on Tri-X




you're looking real good, honey

Bruce Springsteen - easy money

that's alright with me

Jenni in bed Thunder road

wild thing

I want to break free

with beautiful Kiki in the studio



500 C/M . Kodak Tri-X . HC110(B)

Kiki x 2

have mercy

On The Road Again


we're all in the mood for a melody

Piano Man - Billy Joel Lovely Nikolart in her Prague Boudoir